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CNC Licensed Navy Pen Making

CNC (computer numerical control) completes engravings or decorations desired on any of our pen blanks available. Using a CNC machine involves many hours to cut each design, including thousands of lines of code. We can machine CNC designs to our Cartridge, Acrylic, and Wood blanks. Please contact us with any questions!


CARTRIDGE: Once the 30 Caliber casings are cut by the CNC machine, the voids are left empty to show the 3D engraving details. This cartridge is used to create the lower half of a bullet aka cartridge pen design. If you have any questions about these clip art designs or anything else you want used on your pen blanks, please contact us today for a free quote!

"Officially Licensed by the Department of the Navy."

CNC Licensed Navy 30 Caliber Casing

brass casing for a .308 Winchester cartridge

Price: $20.00

Please visit PTownSubbie to purchase this item.

CNC image sample

[ larger view ]

CNC Licensed Navy Lower Half Assembly

full cartridge, lower pen tube, transmission

Price: $35.00

CNC image sample

[ larger view ]

CNC Licensed Navy Complete Pen Kit

full cartridge, both pen tubes, 24kt gold pen clip, transmission

Price: $37.50

CNC image sample

[ larger view ]

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